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Something About Mary


About the Artist

I am a Metal Sculptor / Painter. My work is about everyday life, people, places, and moments. It is an evolving process as I journey through my life. My art subtly changes as my perceptions of things change. What does not change is the source of my Work ~ my heart and soul. I split my time between my studio in Sacramento, California and my studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

About the Art

I have created what I call "Metal Sculpted Paintings". My Canvas of choice is Aluminum, I shear sheets of metal in every size possible, I then grind, (etch) by hand, the designs into the metal. The design is free-handed with grinding patterns in different directions to create depth and movement. When I apply the paint to each picture this illusion of depth then appears when viewed from different angles. Since my art does not require a frame, each art piece is sealed to protect the paint. Every piece of art I create is an ORIGINAL. I make each piece one at a time by hand. I have been working with Metal since 1998 and I hope to create art for the rest of my life.

Barnwood Frames

I use old recycled barnwood (from an actual barn!) currently I have a batch from Wisconson. I sand, cut and strip all the wood myself and frame my Originals,...not all of them, but some of them. My frames are 3in thick and are smooth and sealed when I am done, it is truly a labor of love, hands can prove it! Some of the frames have big knots, holes and good old marks from Mother nature.

Canvas Giclee prints

I have a limited number of Giclee Canvas prints wrapped with a 2in edge available. I only have about 8 designs, which seem to be my most popular designs and they are available at shows and on my CANVAS prints page(coming soon). The rest of my designs are all originals done on metal. I use the highest quality of printing out there, colors match my originals, just check it out in my booth at a show.

If I can feel it, I can see it. If I can see it,
I can create it."